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One Day Decisions is an online service designed to settle disputes between two parties who don’t want to waste time and money in court, mediation, arbitration or collection. When the two parties agree to use One Day Decisions, any dispute that can be valued in a dollar amount can be settled from the comfort of your own home – in as little as one day.

The reason we started One Day Decisions is that resolving disputes can be expensive and the court systems are clogged: In California, for example, it usually takes at least 90 days and lots of court fees just to get your case heard -- with no guarantee of winning your case. Not only that, but if you pay a judgment in court, it can seriously damage your credit rating.

Mediation and arbitration may sound good, but like attorneys, can run up costly fees and drag out the process over days, weeks or months. Worst of all, with court, mediation and arbitration, you actually have to show up, which costs you even more days of missed work. Collection wastes everyone's time and usually just makes things worse: the debtor digs in and the payee only gets a fraction of whatever the collection agency manages to collect -- often far less than half of the disputed amount.

We built One Day Decisions to get rid of all that.

With One Day Decisions, everything is online. It's free to set up. If both parties agree to use One Day Decisions to settle the matter, we immediately go to work, notifying both of you of settlement progress by e-mail. That means you can settle your case from wherever you happen to be, with whatever device provides internet access.

If you're owed money, One Day Decisions can get you more of your disputed amount paid to you faster -- usually within 10 business days.

If you owe money, One Day Decisions can get you a better deal, including a lower amount that you can pay with a credit card or an online check from your checking account -- which means easier payments than the "full amount" courts usually order and no reporting to credit agencies.

Best of all, One Day Decisions can get it done so that both of you can get on with your lives!

The whole process takes a few minutes. And if you're sincere about your willingness to settle, you really can get the whole matter completed in as little as one day.

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