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“Great service, comfortable, fast settlement...KUDOS!”
M. Moraru, Florida

Way better than court, where the judge wants you to settle it anyway!
“The last time I was in small claims court, the judge made us try to settle it, which took hours and didn't work. is way more effective and convenient. No judges. No court. And it's all done online.”
Esther A., Fullerton, California

Lightning fast!
“ is great! The process gets done in days instead of months and I can get the money I was owed really FAST! I'll be using them a lot!”
Bob L., Lincoln, Nebraska

No face to face tension with the other person in court!
“Get rid of the debt you owe in one day! And with a discount! This was much easier than having to face down the other guy in court or on the phone.”
Jack M., Gainesville, Florida

Can't afford to miss work, so One Day Decisions was my best option!
"I can't afford to lose a day of work to go to court. I can do this online from my living room, any time of day. It's just a smarter way of settling."
Tony A., Detroit, Michigan

Debt paid with swiftness and ease
“This site works flawlessly. If you owe a lot of money, you can get a significant discount and get it over with a LOT faster.”
Trish B., Portland, Oregon

Credit Rating Saved from Destruction!
“If you owe money, get the debt paid off quicker and cheaper than you ever would have imagined. One Day Decisions will save your credit rating.”
Jeff G., Stowe, Vermont

This lawyer approves!
“As a former attorney, I'll send anyone I can to settle their disputes at They have revolutionized the legal field.”
Richard M., Santa Rosa, California

Easy for first time users. Great experience
“I was hesitant at first because I was so unfamiliar with the One Day Decisions process, but the video tutorials were incredibly helpful. You'll have a fantastic experience!”
Barbara T., Ligonier, PA

Fair, Fast, Saves time!
“Love this site’s system. The process is more than fair and it will save you ton of time and money.”
Gene K., Leavenworth, Washington

Forget collection agencies and court, ODD is the way to go!
Absolutely genius website. Much easier and faster than dealing with a collection agency and they get you more than a collection agency ever would.”
Andy M., Des Moines, Iowa

Great small claims court alternative.
“I won't even bother with small claims court any more. One Day Decisions is way more efficient and less of a hassle than court.”
AJohn O., Highland Park, California

I was a little hesitant, but now I’m truly a believer!
“At first I was skeptical, because this is totally new, but now I'm sold. Avoid small claims court and try One Day Decisions. Don’t be timid. You will be a big fan immediately!”
Anne F., Brooklyn, New York

A contractor's dream!
“I just don't have time to chase slow paying or non-paying customers. With One Day Decisions, they get a discount in exchange for me getting paid faster. That's what makes it work for a one-man operation like me.”
Brian D., Palo Alto, California

One Day Decisions®
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