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Take the Ten Minute Tour!
Take a tour of the OneDayDecisions web site to see how we settle disputes totally online! You'll see just how quick and easy it is and why more people choose to point and click instead of going to court or collection agencies.

How It Works
OneDayDecisions works like this: You both register and upload details of the case, including the dollar value you each think it’s worth. It’s totally private, so neither party sees what the other one submits. Once you agree on the approximate value of the case and tell us your side of the story, you each submit a Secret Best Offer. If there’s a reasonable chance for success, One Day Decisions informs each of you by e-mail that you can settle the matter -- in as little as one day -- by clicking the link in the e-mail.

If you both agree to proceed, we charge both of you a low, one-time, non-refundable fee, after which we present both of you with your first settlement offer. If you both accept the offer, you’re done! The payer pays by credit card or online check and the recipient gets his check within ten business days.

Once payment is completed, both of you may download a Certificate of Final Resolution, which proves to any institution, court or organization that the matter has been settled with no chance of further dispute.

Is the Cost Worth it?
The first thing you should know is that OneDayDecisions lets you upload and register at no cost. If you both decide to move forward, we charge a low, one time, non-refundable fee that costs a lot less than courts or lawyers do. You don’t miss a day of work or pay for parking or gas. It’s over a lot faster, too.

What's a Secret Best Offer?
Your Best Secret Offer is the very least you’re willing to take (or very most you’re willing to pay) to resolve the dispute. We never tell anyone what your Best Secret Offer is, but it does play into how we calculate the settlement offers we present to both parties.

When figuring your Best Secret Offer, don’t be cheap. If you owe money, know that the other guy wants this over with, too, and he’s willing to give you a discount. If you’re the person receiving money, make your Best Secret Offer low enough to motivate him to grab that first offer so that you get paid faster.

You get up to Three Rounds of Offers, but Grab the First One!
Once you’ve both paid the one-time, non-refundable fee, One Day Decisions sends you the first settlement offer, which you have 24 hours to accept -- or lose forever. Go ahead and accept it, because there’s no guarantee that the second or third round offers will be better offers. They might not be as good.

Be smart. If the first offer looks good, grab it and get it over with. Remember, both of you have to accept the settlement offer for the settlement to take effect.

The third settlement offer is final. If you both don’t accept it, you’re probably headed back to court or collection. So be reasonable. Settle it now and get on with your life.

How to Settle Non-Dollar Disputes.
If your dispute is for something other than a dollar amount, just set a dollar value on what the matter is worth. If someone didn’t finish painting a fence, come up with a number that can get your fence painted and let the other guy off the hook. Then use that number as your Secret Best Offer. When you settle, he’ll pay, walk away from the job -- and you get your money.

Payment & a Certificate of FInal Resolution Proves the Matter is Settled.
Once your matter is settled, One Day Decisions sends a check for the settlement amount, usually within 10 business days. We also provide both of you with a Certificate of Final Resolution to prove you’ve both settled the matter forever.

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